Otway Coast Committee

Committed to Sustainable Management

9th Apr. 2015 - Letters to the Apollo Bay News Editor: Reply to D Maxwell Thu. 2nd April

Your decision to cease foreshore works as of 2nd April 2015, two days before the busiest weekend of the year, by a letter to the news sheet is disappointing for us all.  This has not been a decision of the OCC.

Whilst I share your frustration at the high maintenance needs of the foreshore and the lack of a new Master Plan that will enable community input into a new vision for the foreshore reserves, your diligence and commitment has, and is, greatly appreciated by the OCC.

As a community member of the Apollo Bay Kennett River foreshore committee in 1993 I well remember when you started mowing some of the reserves and agree that you have always done an excellent job.  Whilst endeavouring to support you in many ways the OCC is unable to deliver everything that you wish for, as noted in our letter to you dated 23rd March 2015:

"Firstly thank you for the detailed list of items needing attention along the reserve.  Many items require major capital works that are, to an extent, dependant on the OCC being successful in its Grant Applications.  Major Items also require a new Master Plan being approved and to date this is still to be funded."

Our 28.5km of foreshore is impacted by hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.  The OCC Works Team will continue as usual to fix the broken doors, taps, benches, and buttons.  Unblock the pipes, pumps, drains and broken fittings as well as maintain the paths, fences, beach accesses and all the other jobs that continually need to be done.

To the community I can confirm the OCC responded promptly, sourcing adequate paper and cleaning supplies, finalising a roster and provided a foreshore that was fully functional over this Easter, our busiest weekend of the year.

Maxi, I also agree that six months ago, after requests from you, the OCC agreed to draw up new works contracts.  However as discussed directly with you many times, the OCC is required to carry out a competitive tender process and that we are unable to just give you a contract.

I again refer to our recent letter from 23rd March 2015:

"We intend to have contracts drawn up for mowing, toilet cleaning, rubbish removal and BBQ cleaning by 10 April when they will be reviewed by the committee.  A formal tender process will follow and we will keep you fully briefed at all times."

This tender process will be completed in time to commence on 1st July.  You are at liberty to tender for these works.

Andrew Buchanan
Chair, Otway Coast Committee