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29th Jan. 2015 - Apollo Bay Foreshore – Possible Contamination

Apollo Bay Foreshore – Possible Contamination

The OCC is awaiting final clearance from the EPA next week to restore the Apollo Bay foreshore area for public use, after clean-up works and further checks of potentially contaminated fill on sites at the foreshore and Apollo Bay Golf Club.

Last week the OCC, in partnership with the Golf Club, engaged an Occupational Hygienist, and Class A removalist company to check all suspect sites and remove any fragments of cement sheeting found.  On the 4 foreshore sites an additional 7 small pieces were found after a thorough inspection.

This work now fulfils the OCC obligations to the EPA and we expect to have the Clean Up Notices lifted next week.

We will then be able to change the fencing and begin re-grassing of the sites in readiness for them being returned to public use.

Expert opinion considers this a low risk event.

However the EPA 'Clean Up Notices' are only for Asbestos.

Given the OCC was supplied with 'Clean Fill' that clearly wasn't 'Clean Fill'; the OCC was concerned that other contaminants may be present.

As a precaution and to ensure no further risk to the public was present, the OCC engaged Hazcon Pty Ltd, to undertake extensive testing for other contaminants in line with the EPA's protocol 'Vic EPA IWRG621'.

These tests look for a broad list of possible soil contaminants from heavy metals to hydrocarbons, pesticides and volatile organic compounds.

That testing revealed that all foreshore sites are clear of any other contaminants; as well as now being free of AC sheeting fragments.

The OCC will continue to work with the EPA and Golf Club to ensure the sites are rehabilitated as a high priority and the sites are returned to public use as soon as possible.

At all times public safety will be the OCC's number one priority.

The OCC will continue to provide weekly updates as we work through the remediation of the sites.

For more information contact the OCC on 0419 301 311.

Gary McPike: Executive Officer