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13th Jan. 2015 - Apollo Bay Foreshore – Possible Contamination

Apollo Bay Foreshore – Possible Contamination

Results from EPA testing of foreshore sites were received on Tuesday 13th Jan 2015.  The results revealed that soil from the fenced, signed and covered areas of the foreshore has not been contaminated; however the cement sheeting pieces found have been confirmed to contain asbestos.  As well the EPA has advised that air quality monitoring at 8 sites along the foreshore have returned negative results for air borne asbestos fibres.

The OCC will continue to work with the EPA and Golf Club to ensure the site 'Clean Up Notices' from the EPA are actioned as a high priority and that the sites are returned to public use as soon as is particle.

At all times public safety will be the OCC's number one priority.

The OCC will provide at least weekly updates as we work through the remediation of the sites.  Updates will be posted on the Otway Coast Committee Facebook page, Otway Community News Facebook page and published in the Apollo Bay News Sheet.

Useful online links for the EPA Media Release and ABC online news items are:

The OCC values the comments of the community on all matters.

We also are very appreciative of information alerting us to issues requiring our attention, including for example; dead seals on the beach; Hooded Plover alerts; beach accesses problems; plumbing faults in foreshore toilets; and litter / pollution problems.

The most effective way to communicate any issue is via a phone call.  Facebook posts, while welcomed, are no guarantee of immediate attention.

For more information contact the OCC on 0419 301 311.

Gary McPike: Executive Officer