Otway Coast Committee

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18th Dec. 2014 - New Playground for Apollo Bay, The Carnival, Fireworks, Hooded Plovers, Dogs on Beaches

New Playground for Apollo Bay

All is going to plan and the new playground should be ready for kids by the end of this week.

A joint project between the OCC, Colac Otway Shire and with funding from the State government it will be a timely boost for the play space all kids over the summer holidays.

The Carnival

The annual carnival will be back in town this week opening for business from Boxing Day.


Carnival proprietor Jamie Pickett, as many in the community will know is a greater supporter of our community and for the last many years has sponsored the New Year's Eve Fireworks display.

This year is no exception and the fireworks will be on again.

Jamie has scheduled the main display at the family friendly time of 9:45 pm with a second display to bring in the New Year at midnight.

Pet owners please note these times and much sure your four legged friends are taken care of to avoid any problems.

Hooded Plovers

Local 'Hoodies' nest at this time of year near the mouths of the Wild Dog Creek & the Barham River generally in and around the fenced areas.

To help the Hoodies;

The OCC have installed fencing and signage to alert beach users that vulnerable birds are nesting nearby.

Everyone is asked to follow the signage directions and:-

  • Don't enter fenced areas
  • Keep dogs on leads at all times
  • Walk at the water's edge
  • Do not stop when near fenced areas

Hoodies are easily disturbed when incubating eggs and will leave the nest when people, dogs and other threats come within 70-100m of the nest; and will stay off the nest until the threat is gone.  Eggs can easily fail when it is too hot or too cold.

Similarly chicks will hide and not eat for extended periods if people are within 100-150 metres; the result is they can easily starve to death.

That is why to give Hoodies the best chance possible we ask people to keep clear and don't stop in the vicinity of nesting areas.

Dogs on Beaches

At our busy beaches signs are in place that restrict the access of dogs.  From 26th December to 30 April dogs are not allowed on signed beaches from 9am to 7pm.

The beaches are:- the Marengo end of Mounts Bay; Apollo Bay harbour to opposite Marriners Lookout Road; Skenes Creek; Kennett River; Wye River & Separation Creek.

In other places dogs are allowed but must be under their owner's control at all times; it is an offence for a dog to rush at a person as it is also for owners not to pick up dog excrement.

We ask all dog owners to respect the signs, local laws and state laws so that other beach and foreshore users do not have their visit marred.

For more information contact the OCC on 0419 301 311.

Gary McPike: Executive Officer