Otway Coast Committee

Committed to Sustainable Management

23rd Oct. 2014 - Apollo Bay Common, Viewing Deck Reopened, Jehovah's Witnesses in Town, Hooded Plovers

Apollo Bay Common

The OCC has been working with the contractors engaged in building the new car park between Pascoe St and the Great Ocean Road, behind Iluka, to 'top dress' the Apollo Bay Foreshore opposite the Apollo Bay Hotel.

The addition of good quality top soil will allow the site to be graded and seeded.  The planned end result is that most of the dips and hollows that present a challenge for major events will be minimised.

Viewing Deck Reopened

The OCC has recently installed new balustrading around the viewing deck near the Visitor Information Centre.

Erosion of the foreshore dune structure last year resulted in the platform 'moving' from on top of the dunes, and about 10 metres away from the beach, to being out over the beach and elevated about 2.5 metres.

The new balustrading has now made the structure safe for public use and the platform has become popular since it was opened a few weeks ago.  It provides views across the bay to Cape Paton and to the harbour.

Jehovah's Witnesses in Town

Many people have asked about the large lunch time crowds at the Recreation Reserve and on the foreshore over the last 10 days.

Coach Tours of Australia have been providing day trips for some of the 72,000 Jehovah's Witnesses in Melbourne for their international conference.

The Recreation Reserve and Foreshore played host to up to 700 people per day stopping for a BBQ lunch.

Hooded Plovers

It is a good time to remind everyone that Hooded Plovers will be nesting in the next few weeks.

They are particularly vulnerable to people and their dogs as they only nest on open beaches.  For our part of the coast there preferred areas are near the mouths of the Barham River & Wild Dog Creek and last year new nests were found near Skenes Creek and past Marengo.

When you see the fenced areas on the beach and signage alerting everyone of a nesting area, please obey the signs and don't stop in the area; walking only at the water's edge.

For more information contact the OCC on 0419 301 311.

Gary McPike: Executive Officer