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23rd Sep. 2014 - Hooded Plover Volunteers Recognised

140923 Volunteer AwardHooded Plover Volunteers Recognised

Congratulations to our local Hooded Plover volunteers, Judi Forrester, Ros Jamieson, pictured, and also to Richard Stone & Anne Thornton for their efforts in helping protect the Hooded Plover.

Our volunteers were nominated for the 'Natural Environment' category for a Victorian Coastal Excellence Awards.

While not winning the category they were finalists and awarded the certificate that Ros & Judi are holding.

On behalf of the OCC, and more importantly the 'Hoodies', thank you and well done to all our volunteers.

It is a good time to remind everyone that Hooded Plovers will be nesting in the next few weeks.

They are particularly vulnerable to people and their dogs as they only nest on open beaches.  For our piece of the coast there preferred areas are near the mouths of the Barham River & Wild Dog Creek and last year new nests were found near Skenes Creek and past Marengo.

When you see the fenced areas on the beach and signage alerting everyone of a nesting area, please obey the signs and don't stop in the area; walking only at the water's edge.

For more information contact the OCC on 0419 301 311.

Gary McPike: Executive Officer