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8th May 2014 - Cypress Tree Removal

Cypress Tree Removal

Last week the OCC removed another Cypress tree on the foreshore opposite the Garden of Eden fruit shop.

The tree, a Cupressus macrocarpa, was inspected recently by an arborist who recommended its prompt removal.  Inspections of the trunk of the tree after felling revealed 70-80% rot confirming the arborist's assessment that the tree should be removed.

The OCC has for the last decade had all Cypress trees on the foreshore inspected and assessed every 18-24 months, by an arborist with expertise in this particular species of tree.

The most recent inspection report identified only one tree for removal and maintenance work on a number of other trees.  Some of that maintenance work has been completed with the remainder to be completed in the coming months.

The OCC is aware that the majority of the remaining trees are well into senescence and as such need to be monitored regularly and removed when they pose a potential risk.

The tree removed last week was probably planted between 1895 & 1910.

The OCC is aware that the Cypress trees are a hallmark of the Apollo Bay foreshore with a number of them listed on the COS Heritage Register.

Over the last 3 decades trees, as they age and become a risk, some have been removed.  The number of Cypress trees on the foreshore over that time has reduced from over 120 trees down to the 49 that remain today.

Our community needs to start thinking about likely replacement species or if in fact they should be replaced at all as they are removed.

It is timely that the OCC is intending to develop new foreshore master plans for the 6 township foreshores that it manages, i.e. Marengo, Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek, Kennett River, Wye River & Separation Creek over the next 12 months.

The Apollo Bay Foreshore Master Plan should address the issue of replacing, or not, the Cypress trees and if they are replaced what species would be best.

For the Foreshore Master Plans to achieve their greatest value they must have comprehensive community / stakeholder input into their development.

The OCC will endeavour to ensure all community members have an opportunity to provide input at different stages of the plans development.

For more information contact the OCC on 0419 301 311.

Gary McPike: Executive Officer