Otway Coast Committee

Committed to Sustainable Management

4th Oct. 2012 - Hooded Plover Workshop, Fox Trapping, Football Change Rooms

Hooded Plover Workshop
Sat 13th October @ 1pm

Birdlife Australia in partnership with Otway Coast Committee is holding a Hooded Plover workshop at the Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve Social Rooms.

The workshop is for all people interested in the Hoodies and will involve information for the upcoming breeding season, how we help the Hoodies and what people can do to help.

There will also be information for those wanting to volunteer to help with monitoring.

Weather permitting the workshop will involve a visit to the Barham River nesting area.

Fox Trapping

As we enter the Hooded Plover breeding season, and also fox breeding season, the OCC is again undertaking its soft jaw fox trapping program.

Sites near the Barham River and Petticoat Creek currently have traps set.  Signs alerting people to the traps are present and everyone, especially dog owners are requested to stay on established paths and keep their dogs on leads when in these areas.

The traps do not cause injury to animals and can be easily removed should a domestic animal stray into them.  If you require assistance the phone number of a OCC staff member as on the signage at the sites.

Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve – Football Change Rooms

The OCC is well into a major renovation of the amenities at the oval change rooms.  The $110,000 refit will deliver new showers, toilets and other amenities for both football & cricket games and importantly also for netball matches.  As well the project will deliver new facilities for umpires and also disabled / family room facilities.

The project will also provide a 4th amenities block that can be used by campers at the busiest time of the year.

A number of funding sources are contributing to the project.

Funding of $40,000 has been received from the State Governments Country Football Netball Program, Colac Otway Shire is contributing $16,000, the Football, Cricket Netball Clubs a total of $9,500 and the OCC is contributing $40,000+