Otway Coast Committee

Committed to Sustainable Management

28th Jul. 2012 - Seals at Marengo, Football Change Rooms, Coastal Car Parks

Seals at Marengoseal sign

Thank you to those members of our community who inform the OCC, our local wildlife carers and Wildlife Victoria of seals and other wildlife that may possibly need human help.

Recently the OCC has tended to an Australian Fur Seal pup at Marengo that came ashore to rest.  Signage warning the public to leave the seal alone as they can bite and don't need the stress of human intervention and also fencing to keep vehicles clear of it was erected.

A few weeks ago a Leopard Seal came in for a day's rest on the beach in the middle of Mounts Bay.  The Leopard Seal is an unusual but not unknown visitor to the Victorian coastline and certainly an animal to keep well clear of if you have seen the size of its teeth.

Everyone is reminded these are protected animals and it is an offence to interfere with and certainly dangerous for people and their dogs to get too close.

leopard seal

Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve – Football Change Rooms

The OCC has begun a major renovation of the amenities at the oval change rooms.  The $110,000 refit will deliver new showers, toilets and other amenities for both football & cricket games and importantly also for netball matches. As well the project will deliver new facilities for umpires and also disabled / family room facilities.

The project will also provide a 4th amenities block that can be used by campers at the busiest time of the year.

A number of funding sources are contributing to the project.  Funding of $40,000 has been received from the State Government's Country Football Netball Program, Colac Otway Shire is contributing $16,000, the Football, Cricket Netball Clubs a total of $9,500 and the OCC is contributing $40,000+.

When completed the facility will complement the fully renovated No 1 Amenities Block completed a few years ago and the 2nd and 3rd blocks that have undergone rejuvenation works in recent months.

Coastal Car Parks

Thank you to Sandra Wilmink for her letter in the Apollo Bay News Sheet last week regarding the state of our coastal car parks between Marengo and Skenes Creek.

The car parks are in a less than ideal state and generally all require continual maintenance.

Unfortunately in recent weeks planned maintenance on the car parks has not been possible due to the very wet conditions.  Any remediation works would have very limited value and could only have been completed to a substandard level.

The OCC is in the process of developing plans to improve the drainage and surface quality at a number of the high use car parks and expects to complete some works in the near future.

As well the soon to be completed Otway Coast Committee Coastal Management Plan has identified the development of Foreshore Master Plans for all township areas managed by the OCC as a high priority and those plans will detail works that need to be done to improve the quality of these important facilities.