Otway Coast Committee

Committed to Sustainable Management

29th Jul. 2012 - National Tree Day in Apollo Bay

Thirty enthusiastic tree planters helped repair some of the damage done to our foreshore from recent storm events and the constant incursion by pest weed species.

A special thank you to Quenton, Libby & Cathy from the Southern Otway Landcare Network for organising the event and the great BBQ.

Importantly a big thank you to our volunteers. To the group from Conservation Volunteers Austrealia and the group from 'Roots & Shoots' from the Jane Goodall foundation and especially to our own home grown volunteers - Thank you.

It is amazing how easy it is for a small group to get 3,000+ plants in the ground in just a few hours and have plenty time to enjoy a BBQ and also the WHALES just a 100 meters or so offshore that seemed to have turned up just for the occassion.

 Nat Tree Day 2012