Otway Coast Committee

Committed to Sustainable Management

3rd Jul. 2012 - Foreshore Erosion, Coastal Management Plan

Foreshore Erosion

Earlier this year the OCC partnered with DSE and Barwon Water to engage consultants to develop an assessment of the erosion event last year that impacted the coastline between Marengo and Skenes Creek.

Participants in the project also included the Colac Otway Shire and Vicroads.

The project will provide response options to future erosion events that will hopefully improve the resilience of our coastline.

The final report for the project is expected by the end of month and the community will be updated on its recommendations in due course.

Coastal Management Plan

Over the last 12 months the OCC has engaged consultants Robin Crocker & Associates to complete the development of its Coastal Management Plan. The plan provides the primary direction for the work of the OCC over the next 3-5 years by setting strategic and site specific actions. It also provides a business plan to guide the OCC when undertaking the work involved.

DSE has provided funding for the project and partnered the OCC in the plans development. The community has had a number of opportunities over the time of the plans development to contribute their comments, concerns and ideas about the future of our coastline. The comments received have provided valuable input into the development of the plan.

The final plan is expected to be ratified by the OCC at its meeting this month; it will then be sent to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change for his approval and then gazetted as required by the Coastal Management Act 1995.