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3rd May 2012 - Coastal Erosion Update, New Web Site

Coastal Erosion Update
Development of hazard management strategies for Apollo Bay

In the winter of 2011 short term coastal erosion on the western coastline of Victoria was widespread (see associated Short-term Erosion Summer 2011/2012 fact sheet for more information.  Along the Apollo Bay coast impacts included loss of sand and vegetation, exposure of important infrastructure and in some areas too much sand was deposited.

The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) is undertaking a study to improve understanding of coastal hazards and the risks they pose to the foreshore.  Hazards include impacts from storms, sediment and atmospheric processes.

The study will equip our foreshore managers, the Otway Coast Committee and stakeholders (Barwon Water, VicRoads and Colac Otway Shire) with a management plan to respond to hazards as they occur and help the coastline to be more resistant to change.

DSE has appointed Water Technology Pty Ltd to undertake the study and develop the Coastal Hazards Management Plan.  The plan will be finalised in mid-2012.

What is the study area?

The study area is from Marengo to Skenes Creek.  This includes the foreshores from Marengo to Point Bunbury and Apollo Bay to Skenes Creek.

What you can do to help

The Apollo Bay coastline has always been subject to coastal processes and hazards of varying degrees.

Part of this project is to build a photographic timeline of how the shoreline has been impacted and also how it has recovered over time.

We are inviting the community to submit photographs of the foreshore within the study area.

This may include digital images, scanned photographs or bring the original in and we’ll scan it for you.  It is important that an indicative date of the photograph is included so we can see how the coastline has changed chronologically.

Photographs of the coastline can be accepted by DSE up to 25th May 2012.

Contact Tammy Smith on (03) 5220 2012       or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New Web Site

Otway Coast Committee has a new web site.

The site also has information on the camping grounds managed by the OCC, i.e. Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve & the Wye River Foreshore Camping Ground.

Further detail on the above project and other major projects is available under our ‘Current Projects’ listing.