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14th Jun. 2012 - Recent High Tides and Storm Event

Recent High Tides and Storm Event

Fortunately our coast hasn’t fared too badly after the recent south easterly storm event that was coupled with reasonably high tides.

Apollo Bay has suffered little and while Skenes Creek has lost some significant sand around the river mouth the rest of the bay is not too bad.

Mounts Bay however lost a significant amount of sand at the northern end of the beach but had some accretion in the middle of the bay and at the southern end where erosion had occurred in previous weeks.

The OCC has installed 4 large posts at intervals along Mounts Bay to help monitor changes to the beach profile, the dunes and vegetation.  Recently we have established Australian Height Datum (AHD) on the posts based on the height markers at the Great Ocean Road bridge over the Barham River.

Measurements late last week confirmed that the ends of the bay were significantly lower than the centre of the bay consistent with the erosion event.  In future the OCC will start collecting information on beach angle/profile and try to get some information on sand movement volumes.

In future, hopefully this data will help inform decisions by planners and coastal engineers when considering management of Mounts Bay.